How Much Is a Taxi From Airdrie To YYC International The Airport?

Welcome back! In today’s blog we will be continuing our discussion, around Airdrie Taxi’s and the costs associated with taking a taxi from Airdrie Alberta to the YYC International Airport, we will also touch base on the average pricing for the private airports, surrounding the YYC international airport.

As discussed previously, the purpose of this blog series is to help better educate you; the consumer, about the taxi rates and taxi cab bylaws; that all Taxi services in Airdrie Alberta must follow.

If you missed our previous blog post, where we discussed mandatory payment options for Airdrie, Alberta Taxi service companies; you can find it HERE.


I need a ride to the Airport, who can Help?

So vacation time has finally arrived, or perhaps you have a business event taking place, or a family emergency and you need to get to the airport; and take flight.

Your first question will be, who in Airdrie can get me there on time? Luckily, all Taxi Companies in Airdrie will be able to assist you with your travel accommodations, there are currently no bylaws in place that restrict which Taxi Service can take you.

When it comes to travelling, time is usually crucial; and you want to choose a company that has a proven track record for reliability. Although Airdrie has a lot of options for Taxi Services, a little research and you will see that, all are not equal; and a large number of the Taxi services in Airdrie, actually have a diminished record to say the least when it comes to reliability!

Whether you have a early morning trip, and need to be at the Airport for 3:00am; or perhaps you’re a daytime traveler needing to arrive at the airport for 4:00pm. SOFO Cabs – Airdrie Taxi has a strong reputation, and proven track record for not only being reliable, but also punctual. We have professional, and courteous drivers that understand your time constraints. We want to ensure you arrive at the Airport exactly when you planned, and more often than not our drivers will arrive early; not late.

To Book a trip with us today please call (403) 708 0986

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How Much Does a Trip From Airdrie Alberta To The YYC Airport Cost?

Depending on your experience with Airdrie Taxi Services, this might come as a surprise to you to learn that; ALL Taxi companies in Airdrie are regulated by not only the Airdrie City Bylaw but also by something known as. “The Fair competition Act”.

Both The City of Airdrie Taxi Bylaw, & Fair Competition Act outline the pricing guidelines; for the YYC International Airport quite specifically. If you’re travelling from Airdrie to the Airport, the flat fee for this service, is $35.00. The specific pickup location does not affect the price, as long as you’re starting your trip within the City Of Airdrie city limits, it’s a flat rate.

We think this is a especially important topic, as we do hear at minimum 3 times a week; how other Taxi Companies in Airdrie have charged substantially more, sometimes even as high as $65.00, that’s insane!

Since we have your attention and you’ve read this far; we should also note that the return trip from YYC International Airport to Airdrie, also has a flat fee, the mandatory flat rate for a pickup at the Airport travelling to within the City of Airdrie city limits is $39.00.

The more you know, the more you can protect yourself. Never be forced into overpaying; you have a right to know these things. We want to help share as much information as possible and will continue to do so!


I Have To Travel Out Of a Private Airport, How Much Does This Cost?

Unfortunately for the private airports the City of Airdrie has not regulated a flat rate. This means we are required to charge a meter rate. Although it might not be as cost effective as a Airport Flat Rate, we can help you understand the costs & what you should expect to pay.

To help breakdown the pricing; we will first let you know the per KM Rate, that we as Airdrie Taxi companies; are required to charge,

The first fee, or “Entry fee” is $3.00. This is the base fee to get into the car and get the trip started, again to stress this; this fee is also set by the City of Airdrie! After the entry fee we have a”Per Kilometer Rate” this is $1.82 per Km. 

So let’s say you’re travelling from our office located at 201 – 120 2nd Ave NE, Airdrie Alberta, and you’re heading to the North Cariboo Airport located off Mcknight trail in Calgary. A quick google maps search shows that this is a total distance of;
22km. So for simple math we take 22 x $1.82 = $40.04 add the $3.00 entry fee and your rough total should be around $43.04

Please note that this pricing is based off of distance exclusively and does not account for traffic, red lights trains or whatever other obstacles may appear. The Taxi meters do also have a waiting feature; which will cause the meter to keep ticking 20 cents, every 30 seconds. So its best to estimate a $3-$5 buffer; within the estimated fee for unforeseen circumstances.


So to sum it up for our TL;DR Friends!

Airdrie travelling to the YYC International Airport – $35.00 Flat Fee.
YYC International Airport Travelling to Airdrie – $39.00 Flat Fee.

Private Airports are charged under a meter rate ($3.00 + 1.82/ Km = Cost ).
Average between $40.00 – $50.00.


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